“…we never reach the point when we may be said to finish learning.” (FM Alexander)
“…we never reach the point when we may be said to finish learning.” (FM Alexander)


'I came for Alexander lessons because I was interested in improving my abilities to manage stress, particularly at work...I have found the technique to be of great benefit to me. The best testimonial I can give is that after having completed my initial set of lessons to learn the basics of the technique, I have continued on a less frequent basis to maintain a sense of well being and reinforce the principles in my mind.  I find Clare to be an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher, and I always come away from the lesson feeling relaxed and energised  - ready to go again!  I would recommend that anyone in a similar situation to me should give the Alexander technique a try and I don't think you could wish for a better teacher.

Roger, I.T. consultant


'I came to the Alexander Technique when I started to experience some physical niggles that I knew would only get worse if left unaddressed.  I wasn't prepared to accept them as 'what do you expect at your age' or 'you just have to learn to live with it' but was finding it difficult to identify what was causing my problems.  Alexander lessons have helped me become aware of holding patterns in my body that caused physical discomfort and by letting go I've made significant improvements to my physical wellbeing.  However, what I was unprepared for was the profound effect AT can have on all aspects of life.  Alexander lessons encourage you to pause and take stock before action.  This has not only meant a positive change to the way I approach things at a physical level, but has also brought about a noticeable improvement to how I cope with difficult situations and to my relationships with people and food!

Clare has a non-judgemental approach and a gentle sense of humour which puts you at ease.  I would thoroughly recommend her as an excellent person to start your Alexander journey with.

Beryl, Pilates Instructor and Bowen Technique Therapist


'I came to the AT after many months of struggling to manage RSI....  The AT does not offer a quick fix solution to the problem.  It does require patience but gradually over the weeks I have come to understand my body and how it works in a very different way.

Clare has been a great support and very patient in explaining causes and symptoms, enabling me to manage myself both at work and home in a much more holistic way.

Brenda, Administrator


'I would like to thank you not only for your outstanding Alexander lesson but, also, for your kindness, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, generosity and welcome.  All of this was such a help to me especially at a time when I was feeling anxious and concerned.'

Bridget, Birmingham






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