“…we never reach the point when we may be said to finish learning.” (FM Alexander)
“…we never reach the point when we may be said to finish learning.” (FM Alexander)

Clare Dannatt  Alexander Technique Teacher                           

About my practice

I have been captivated by the Alexander Technique since my first lessons thirty years ago. Confronting habit is not easy; but brings ease. I started out wanting to get my broken leg fixed, and ended up leaving my book editing job  to train as an Alexander teacher. 

​I qualified in 1991 from a 3-year STAT approved teacher training course, and have run a practice in London and now the West Midlands since then. I am privileged to work with a wonderful variety of pupils of all ages, from accountants to artists, performers to health professionals, people in pain and people just curious.

I teach the Technique in schools, and travel to  community organisations and businesses to deliver talks and courses.



Not running currently.


Not running currently.



For all bookings/enquiries e mail


or text 07879 865940












Quick Q and A

Can I learn Alexander Technique online?

Yes.  You can join me online via Zoom for introductory or ongoing lessons.

While Covid 19 restrictions are ongoing - do you teach face to face lessons when close contact work is allowed?

Yes. When close contact work is allowed I follow the rules that are in place and welcome enquiries.  I have had both vaccinations and self-test weekly.  Please note I can teach one to one only during restrictions - sadly no group classes f2f.

What is the Alexander Technique?

A long-established method for changing postural habits.  Qualified teachers use light touch and verbal instruction to help students learn how to improve balance, breathe better and be calmer. Well known for helping with back and neck pain, and a favourite with performers of all varieties.

How much do your lessons cost?

These costs apply to online and in person lessons.

Introductory lesson: 1 hr £60

Solo class: 45 mins £351 hr £45                            

Group classes: (not running during Covid restrictions) £12 per session, course paid for in advance.  (eg. 4 week course = £48)

£10 per person for 2 people booking together (eg 4 week course £40 per person)


Schools, colleges and community: £60 per hour


Corporate: by arrangement with organisation


Where do you teach?

I am not able to teach from Friends' Meeting Houses (Wolverhampton/Stourbridge) during Covid restrictions.

I currently teach from Redhill, Oldswinford, when close contact work is allowed.

Peripatetic - schools and companies.


How do I book a lesson?

e mail:  clare.dannatt@yahoo.co.uk

phone: 07879 865940

contact us page of this website


Which is better, individual or group classes?

Group classes are a great way to be introduced to the Alexander Technique, and will suit you if you prefer to learn in the company of others, are on a budget or have some Alexander experience and want to continue lessons.

Individual lessons are ideal for those who need focused work and time for themselves.  If you lead a hectic life or suffer pain, 1 to 1 lessons are recommended.

If you are unsure - come to a group class and take advantage of the one-to-one lesson discount offer.


How long is a ball of string?

Is the correct answer to how many lessons do I need.  Some pupils come for 5 sessions and have got what they came for, most take between 20-30 lessons, while others make the Alexander Technique their 'way of life', taking occasional lessons to develop their use of the A.T. through the years.  


I have a medical condition.  Is it ok to take Alexander lessons?

Yes.   Always check with your doctor or relevant health professional  if you have any concerns before or during a course of Alexander Technique lessons.

The Technique is EDUCATIONAL and can be practiced in tandem with treatment regimes. 


What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes, trousers preferable to a skirt. 


What are your qualifications?

I was trained, qualified by and am a member of STAT, the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. STAT is the oldest professional association for A.T. Teachers in the UK. As a registered member I abide by the code of conduct and undertake continuing professional development (CPD).

I hold insurance through STAT, and have enhanced DBS certificates.

In 2014 I passed the ITLLS course (Intro to teaching in the lifelong learning sector) at Wolverhampton University.  During 2020-21 I have been studying for a PGCE to extend my teaching skills.

In 2015 I successfully completed 'The Performing Self': a 10 week course for Alexander teachers working with music, dance and theatre students run by Rose Bruford College.

I hold a BA degree in English Language and Literature from Durham University, and an MA from Clark (USA).

Alexander Technique Teacher in Stourbridge and Wolverhampton

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